Our story

Mradifund is an online fundraising platform where SMEs can raise expansion capital from investors across the globe.

We make it efficient for SMEs to raise money from people who believe in their businesses.

We provide an easy and safe solution for ordinary citizens to find and invest in SMEs and participate in their growth.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s most trusted fundraising platform.

Our Mission

To connect SMEs with the resources they need to grow and enable ordinary citizens to participate in SME growth by leveraging on communities

Our Values

We believe in the power of community to foster growth in our economies.
We create a trusting environment through transparency in our processes.
We are curious. We are always looking to discover new ideas and methodologies.
We are open and willing partners in building great businesses.
We welcome challenges that foster innovation and improvement.
We love what we do, share our knowledge and learn.

Our online fundraising platform gives SMEs several tools to create campaigns that will enable them to raise the capital they need to expand their businesses. Investors can browse through these campaigns and invest in them through an easy, efficient and safe online process. We also encourage investors to support the businesses they invest by providing mentorship and expertise to help the businesses grow even faster.

What we do

In 2014, a team of young entrepreneurs from the USA wanted to start a business whose market was in Africa, Kenya specifically. When they realized that they didn’t have much knowledge of the local markets, they looked to a former classmate, Valentine, who offered to introduce them to some potential mentors in Nairobi. The mentors turned into advisers who later invested in their venture. Now, they are great friends and business partners in an exciting business. This inspired Valentine to embark on building a platform where SMEs could reach the capital and expertise they need to grow their businesses and thus Mradifund was born.

How it started